Bermuda Golf Course Fashion

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If you’ve ever been a member at a golf club at home, you probably already know that most of them have a dress code. Bermuda’s many golf courses are no exception, and that includes the Belmont Hills Golf Club in Warwick Parish. That means you’ll need to wear a collared shirt, which is a fairly […]

Tips for Golfing around Hazards

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The Golf Course at Belmont Hills is world renowned, not only for its natural beauty, but also for being an enjoyable challenge for amateurs and professionals alike. This challenge is provided by the innovative course design, which includes multi-tiered greens, narrow fairways, multiple water hazards and strategically placed bunkers. If you’re not used to playing […]

What’s the Best Golf Ball for Your Game?

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We’re avid golfers here at Belmont Hills in Bermuda. Not only do we love the game; we live for the game every day as we go over our golf course to ensure it’s providing the best possible experience for our members, their guests and occasional visitors to Bermuda. We even have golf pros on staff […]

Bermuda: One of the Best Golfing Destinations in the World

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What makes a great golfing destination? Obviously, a well-designed golf course is important, but there’s more to it than that. There is of course the natural beauty of the area to consider, as well as the weather, and the local amenities. In Bermuda, you’ll find all those things and more, all in one place! Golfing […]